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We Replace Tablet DC Jack USB Ports; All Major Types Including iPad, Kindle, Nook, Samsung Tabs, Asus and More!

Get a free Diagnostic! Repair Starts From $19. No.1 Award Winning Tablet DC Jack Replacement At WiFi Computers is with Fast Turnaround and Same Day Repairs. Reliable and Affordable Tablet Battery Replacement Service in Brampton. Our Expert Technicians have over 10 years of experience in Replacing Tablet DC Jack. We can fix all other issues on any Tablet including Screen Replacement, liquid damage, short circuits, power issues, video issues, DC Jack, heating issues and bios issues etc. We keep all essential parts in stock and guarantee minimum waiting time for our customers. All Repairs come with Warranty.

We carry most of tablet dc jacks in stock for same day tablet repairs. Tablet and E Reader Batteries Replacement In Brampton. No Charging? DC jack Repair for tablets and ereaders including Kindle, iPad, Samsung, LG, Asus, Nook, ebook, tablets and more. Reliable and Affordable Replacement in Brampton.​

What is a DC Jack?

A DC connector is an electrical connector for supplying direct current . Micro-B USB. Due to the popularity of USB for mobile phones and tablets, USB sockets and plugs have become a common choice.

How a Tablet Power Jack Breaks

Some DC Jacks fail under normal operation of your tablet. After 2 to 3 Years of usage, Charging Port just "come loose" on certain models. The tablet gets dropped and the cord yanks the DC Jack loose. Mostly People moved alot around with tablets. After the tablet DC Jack is moved back and forth enough times, it comes loose. The tablet is dropped and the power jack gets "pushed into" the laptop. Any tablet can fail due to this problem. 

Getting a New Charging Port installed by us

At WiFi Computers Brampton We do Tablet DC Jack Repair/Replace on a daily basis on ALL brands of Tablets for Home users, Businesses, and other tablet repair stores (Wholesale Prices For other Stores) all over the GTA. We have almost every DC Jack available In Stock. A flat rate of $49 (depending on model) covers all parts and labor for most tablets. For Tablet DC Jack Repair or Replacement You don't have to leave your Tablet, we can do it on Spot Service and we gave 6 Months Warranty on our Work, Nobody offers you this in Brampton GTA.


There are six most common tyoes of USB Connectors.


  • - Type-A: The standard flat, rectangular interface that you find on one end of nearly every USB cable. 
  • - Type-B: An almost square connector, mostly used for printers and other powered devices that connect to a computer. 
  • - Mini-USB: A smaller connector type that was standard for mobile devices before micro-USB. 
  • - Micro-USB: Current standard for mobile and tablet devices, which is even smaller than mini-USB. 
  • - Type-C: The newest USB standard, this is a reversible cable that promises higher transfer rates and more power than previous USB types. 
  • - Lightning: Apple’s proprietary connector for the iPhone, iPad, AirPods, and more. It’s a similar size to USB-C and comes standard on Apple devices. 


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