Mail In Repair Service

Mail-in repair Service Instructions

Interested In Our Services But Too Far Away From Brampton. WiFi Computers Accepts Mail In Repairs On Tablets, Laptops & Macbooks. We Handle Tons Of Mail-In Repairs For Individuals And Companies.

Mail-In Repair In Brampton. We repair ALL Models of Apple MacBook / MacBook pro / Air / iMac / Mac Mini / liquid spilled damaged or other logic board issues not a problem for us. (97% repair rate for liquid damage, Other have 99% repair rate)

We have already fixed a lot of laptop logic board in last 10 years which have been failed from other repair shops or service centres, Don’t throw your MacBook if it’s not getting repaired give us a chance to serve you! We will make sure we will give a brand new life to your laptop.

The repair time takes about 2 to 7 business days. We always do the job on priority basis. However, some special issues may take a little bit longer than expected. We have NO FIX! NO FEE! Policy. In case if cannot get your laptop fixed, you can either receive full refund plus our free return shipping. We also have all Motherboard in stock you can always pay extra to get the replacement of your entire logic board.

Wifi Computers have a very clear repair business policy. We do not use any cheap after-market parts that can further damage or have less life! that’s the strength of our business. We cover all repairs with 90 Days warranty so that you can have full peace of mind.

Our team of expert technicians are well trained and have expertise in logic board repairs with years of working experience. No matter what’s the issues with your MacBook we are able to fix logic board with up to 99% of repair rate.

We are equipped with industry leading with high-end tools / optical BGA rework stations / Hot Air Stations / Micro Soldering Stations / Bench PSU / Multimeters.We ultrasonically clean liquid damage components, with is leap & bounds ahead of the “alcohol & toothbrush” method. We use Lead-free solder to perform all kinds of BGA repairs for a longer life! The melting point is much higher than those who use Normal lead solder material. That’s why we guarantee our repairs.

WiFi Computers Attn: Mail-In Repair Service 105 Father Tobin Road, Unit 3 Brampton, ON L6R 0W9 Phone: (905) 462-4349. *Be sure to email us tracking number when you mail us your device for mail-in repair

Mail in Services Pricing

Service list for 2016 to Present MacBook Pro (USB-C) devices with or without a touch bar, including, but not limited to A1708, A1706, and A1707 Logic Board Repair - $419 Trackpad Replacement - $159 Battery Replacement - $199.

Service list for 2013-2017 MacBook Air devices with model numbers A1465 and A1466 Logic Board Repair - $249 Trackpad Replacement - $119 Keyboard Repalcement - $179 Battery Replacement - $99

Service list for 2012 - 2015 MacBook Pro Retina devices with model numbers A1502 and A1398. A1425 devices may be excluded from some repairs due to parts availability. Contact us if you have a A1425 you wish to have repaired. Logic Board Repair (2012 & Early 2013 devices)- $309 Logic Board Repair ( Late 2013 - 2015 devices) - $379 Keyboard Replacement - $189 Trackpad Replacement - $149 Battery Replacement - $179

Service list for 2012 MacBook Pro devices with model numbers A1278 and A1286. Logic Board Repair - $219 Battery Replacement - $99 Keyboard Replacement - $129 Trackpad Replacement - $89

Service list for 2011 and older MacBook Pro devices with model numbers A1286, A1278 and A1297. IMPORTANT: 2011 15" and 17" MacBook Pro devices are not accepted for repair due to the widespread GPU defects. Logic Board Repair - $209 Keyboard Replacement - $129 Trackpad Replacement - $89 Battery Replacement - $99

Service list for 2012 and older MacBook Air devices with model numbers A1466, A1465, A1369 and A1370. Logic Board Repair - $209

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