Power supply Repair In brampton

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We Repair Computer Power Supply; All For All Major Computer Brands .


Get a free Diagnostic! Repair Starts From $19. Award Winning Repair At WiFi Computers is with Fast Turnaround and Same Day Repairs. Reliable and Affordable Power Supply, PSU, Logic Board Motherboard Repair Service in Brampton. Our Expert Technicians have over 20 years of experience in Motherboard Repair. We can fix all issues on any computer or laptop motherboard including liquid damage, short circuits, power issues, video issues, fan issue, heating issues and bios issues etc. We keep all essential parts in stock and guarantee minimum waiting time for our customers. All Repairs come with Warranty. We ultrasonically clean liquid damaged components, which is leaps & bounds ahead of the “alcohol & toothbrush” method.

What is a Computer Power Supply?


Power Supply Or PSU, is the component that supplies power to a computer. Most personal computers can be plugged into standard electrical outlets. The power supply then pulls the required amount of electricity and converts the AC current to DC current and are generally located at the rear of the computer case, along with at least one fan. It also regulates the voltage to an adequate amount, which allows the computer to run smoothly without overheating.


Why PSU Computer Power Supply Fails?

The connection is that the power supply powers the memory, and memory with inadequate power fails. It takes some experience to know when this type of failure is power related and not caused by the memory. ... Overheating due to fan failure. Small brownouts cause the system to reset.


  • - Fans are prone to fail even in the most properly designed power supplies
  • - Control ICs, Capacitors, especially electrolytics, can be found failed in many different failure states, including swollen, leaking, exploded, shorted, reduced-capacitance, or increased-in-circuit ESR.
  • - Environmental causes like moisture ingress. Moisture will corrode the electronics and eventually lead to failures