LCD Screen DIM Light Issues

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DIM Light Issue

Laptops have different programming standards and components than a desktop as it is made to be portable for ease of use. This portability feature makes laptop a great business tool. The troubleshooting of laptop display is more difficult than a screen of desktop. Due to its power saving mode and in-built battery there are more chances of dim screen. We troubleshoot DIM screen issue of laptop & desktop in affordable prices with exact solution.

Reasons for DIM screen light issue

Many of laptops have controls for brightness on the keyboard so; there is possibility of dim screen while hitting one of the brightness key. In that case just have a look on sun icon of keyboard whether it is in grey or blue. If it happens then just increase the brightness of screen.

Sometimes due to loose connection of power plug laptop runs on battery and on battery laptop usually runs in power saving mode and you can see dim light on screen. You can change these settings and can stop dim light on power saving mode.

The dim screen issue can occur due to hardware issue as well. If your screen goes dim day by day then your system might need new backlight or need to replace screen entirely. Before replacing, you can check it by connecting laptop to external screen. If the display is good for external screen then you need to find out fault in laptop's screen otherwise you can conclude to hardware issue and can sent it to laptop repair store.

Sometimes it can happen that, the screen of laptop shows distorted images or strange colors, even external connected monitor shows the same. In this case you need to replace your graphic card.

The LCD cable is connected to the screen & motherboard to pass the data. If this connection fails then also your screen will get dim light on display. This problem can be solved by replacing LCD cable.

Apply some reasonable pressure on the top of display screen; if screen will show lines, different colors and after few seconds it vanishes, then you need to replace the screen of laptop. Dim screen issue or backlight failure can occur due to defective inverter board as well.

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  • Q. My laptop screen shows strange colors on display?
  • Q. I have installed new screen for my laptop but it is not working?
  • Q. LCD screen is showing completely white. What will be the reason?
  • Q. Is it possible to replace backlight lamp by myself?
  • Q. How to repair screen with water damage?
A. It may be possible due to failure of graphic card or failure of backlight. Just come to us and we will find exact issue with a solution.
A. It can happen if the new installed screen is not compatible with the system, just similar look of screen is not the criteria for new screen installation.
A. It can be possible due to loose connection between LCD/LED screen and video cable, defective screen or fault in motherboard. Just check it with technician.
A. Replacement of backlight lamp is bit complex task and a wrong step can damage a whole LCD/LED screen as well. Hence; just contact to technician for backlight lamp replacement.
A. To repair water mark inside the screen, you need to open the screen first for the cleaning. But think twice before doing it by yourself as one wrong step can damage entire screen and it will become unusable. We repair all kind of screen problems and provide warranty for it as well.