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Laptop Speakers Not Working Repair In Brampton

laptop speaker repair services in brampton

Cheap and Reliable Laptop Speaker Repair in Brampton. We offer 7 day service and free diagnosis. Quick Service by Expert technician. 1 Year Guarantee.

Speakers Not Working

There are various things that are responsible for non-working speakers of your laptop or desktop like when the computer has more than one output sound devices. For many computers there are three output devices HDMI, optical & speakers.


When the wrong option of output device is selected, the problem of silence can occur. Wrong option of output devices can be checked by yourself but it also can happen due to failure of sound component like sound card. If the card fails, it need to be replaced with new one and we have stock of all hardware components to meet fast turnaround of time. The issue can occur due to speaker setup of Microsoft windows as well. We rectify the exact issue first of all and first of all check with other pair of speaker or headphone. If the new pair works well then we recommend replacement of speakers. We are able to solve the problem of speakers of MAC laptop or Mac book. In some rare cases it would also possible that overheating of laptop can damage the voice coil of speakers.


Why to choose us

  1. We use all original parts if replacement requires.
  2. We diagnose all problems of laptop at free of cost.
  3. Quick turnaround of time with minimal cost.
  4. We open 7 days a week.
  5. No appointment
  6. Highly qualified and experienced technicians.


Q. How do I connect speakers of computer?
A. There are two wires for volume knob of speaker one wire should get connected to left speaker and another mini plug should be connected to the back of computer generally it shows with green color.
Q. How do I connect speakers to laptop?
A. You need to connect mini plug into the port present for headphones.
Q. Is it possible to plug speakers into running computer?
A. Yes, it is safe to plug in and disconnect speakers of running computer. Operating systems have notification for it as well.