Randomly Shutting Down Problem

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Laptop Shutting Down

It is very disconcerting experience that your laptop shuts down randomly. The system has built-in mechanism of self protection that makes it off after getting too hot. When the laptop gets too hot, it causes serious damage to the internal hardware and the mechanism of random shut down prevents any impending danger to internal hardware. Generally laptop heats due to broken or faulty cooling fan and heat sink blockage. Sometimes the fan of laptop doesn't work properly due to dust blockage in the heat sink. Dust blocks slow down the process of cooling and when the system runs, it starts to heat slowly and shuts down directly.

Eventually laptops are designed to operate in normal range of temperature. If there is sweaty summer, you may feel overheating problem for the laptop. Mostly the color of laptop and keyboard is black and direct sunlight can overheat your system. Laptops rely on surrounded environment for cooling and it receives cool air from outside for internal air circulation. Hence; for long lasting cooling system you need to take care of cleaning of the system. We are handling laptop cleaning very efficiently to avoid overheating problem and you can enjoy uninterrupted service of your laptop. While troubleshooting we take care of number of reasons which are responsible for laptop overheating like overheated battery, faulty or non-working fan, BIOS flash, thermal management system of operating system, working laptop on soft surface and CPU overheating. So; you can assure that you will definitely get exact solution for the overheating problem of your laptop.

Most Common Signs of Laptop Shutting Down:

  • The laptop only Power up when you keep the Power cord in a certain direction
  • The laptop Only Power Up on battery power
  • Loose Charger Pin When Inserted in Laptop
  • The laptop battery Won't Charge at all
  • The laptop switches from AC power to battery power alternately functioning properly and improperly
  • Sparks come out of the back of the laptop
  • Burning Smells Coming Out From Charging Port


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  • Q. Do you fix overheating problem of all laptop brands?
  • Q. My laptop shuts down automatically. Do you able to fix it?
  • Q. My acer laptop is stuck on "shutting down" screen. If I close the laptop it will come back up to shutting down. How do I get it back to normal?
A. Yes, we fix all the issues of laptop no matter of brand.
A. The problem of overheating arises most likely due to overheating. We troubleshoot in every possible ways and fix the issue. We provide warranty for our work as well.
A. Just hold power button for few seconds and your PC will get shut down. While restarting choose a mode 'windows starts normally'. If still you are facing the same problem then just bring your laptop to us and we can resolve it in best possible price.