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Laptop Over Heating Problem Repair In Brampton

Laptop overheating repair service in brampton

Laptop Overheating problems are quite common and frustrating. For reliable, affordable and quick service, visit Wifi Computers for a free diagnosis. Experts available 7 days a week to help fix the problem in no time.

Laptop Heating UP

When the fan of laptop runs at its maximum speed, sudden restart happen, displays black screen and laptop gets hot, you can conclude that your system is facing overheating issue. Excessive amount of heat can cause crashes, permanent damage to hardware and malfunction. Laptops generally put out less heat as compared to desktop but not well ventilated and difficult to cleaning as compared with desktop. Overheating reduces CPU performance and life of battery. Sometimes these issues can not be fixed at home or people are not sure about how to fix it. We help to figure out the cause of overheating and fix it up so, that it can run at lowest possible temperature.

Many times overheating can cause severel problems from random blue screen on display to data loss as well. Your motherboard might be in danger or burnt out before you knowing the root cause of problem. We deal very efficiently for laptop overheating issue and guide you to prevent it in future. We fix overheating issue of all laptop brands.

Tips to avoid laptop overheating

  • While working on laptop make sure that vents are not blocked by external things.
  • Keep your laptop on hard surface while working as soft surfaces like pillow not allows
  • penetrating hot air.
  • Put your laptop in bag only after shutting down or hibernating.
  • Use cooling pads if the bottom of laptop is hot.
  • Good cleaning of laptop can solve overheating problem.

Why to choose us

  1. We use all original parts if replacement requires.
  2. We diagnose all problems of laptop at free of cost.
  3. Quick turnaround of time with minimal cost.
  4. We open 7 days a week.
  5. No appointment
  6. Highly qualified and experienced technicians.


Q. What are the reasons of overheating? Can you fix it?
A. There are many reasons of overheating like laptop runs for longer time, dust particles in exhaust ports, fan clocked up and many more. We find out the exact reason of overheating and fix it in quick turnaround of time.
Q. How to diagnose overheating issue?
A. If the bottom of laptop is excessively hot and the performance of laptop reduces then you can conclude that your system is facing overheating issue.
Q. Can you help to know the temperature of internal components of my laptop?
A. Yes, we can help you to know the temperature of internal parts like hard disk, processor & graphic card.
Q. What are the symptoms of overheating?
A. Some of the symptoms of overheating are black screen on display, frequent restarts & system crash while loading an application.
Q. Is laptop cleaning important?
A. Yes, we do recommend laptop cleaning as it reduces overheating and you can enjoy long lasting life of your laptop without crashing even though you are using heavy applications.
Q. How much time will it take for cleaning?
A. It requires only a single day to clean up your laptop.