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Laptop Screen Replacement in Brampton

lapton lcd repair

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Broken Laptop, Tablet, Macbook Display ?

Installing a new one is easier than you think

Guaranteed Quick and Reliable Laptop Screen Replacement Service in Brampton at Unbeatable Prices. Get 2 Year Warranty on all Screen Replacements. We stock screens of all leading brands of laptops so waiting time is minimum. Our expert technicians have over 20 years of experience and are at your service 7 days a week. Free Diagnosis. No Fix No Fee. Free Quote

Determine if you need a new screen ?

If you've dropped your laptop, dropped something on it or you left pen, clip or some metal and closed the lid, few things can happen. The screen has cracked, you notice lines on Screens, White water marks, Black Spot, Dead Pixels, Sometimes screen not showing anything, Dim Screen or sometimes NO Video at all. Diagnosis is Easy to Test LCD/LED. Connect an external monitor to your Laptop through its VGA/HDMI port to verify that the Laptop other components still work. If the laptop functions properly in all other aspects, it's time to fix/replace the screen.

If your display problems aren't the result of visible physical damage, however, the problem may not be the LCD. If your screen's backlight flickers, shuts down after a few minutes of usage, or doesn't come on at all, but you can still see a faint screen image, your problem may be the inverter, a small board that supplies power to the backlight, LCD Cable may be damaged, motherboard could be faulty, LCD tube connection may be loose

Before We Replace your Laptop Screen

Before doing anything, we give your laptop a full look-over and inspection to ensure the screen really needs replacement. Additionally, if the laptop has been recently dropped or otherwise possibly physically harmed, We double-check for other damage as well. 2 very Important things are to Test the Hard Drive and Video Card to ensure they are working properly. These are very sensitive components in Laptop. To ensure the graphics card is functioning, we will plug a desktop monitor or TV into the laptop, as most have a standard blue VGA monitor and/or a HDMI output. If the picture looks good on an external display, your graphics card is likely good and the screen is at fault. If we don't get any picture, keep in mind some laptops require you to press certain function keys on the laptop to activate external display output. If you do that and video still doesn't display, your graphics card and/or motherboard is likely broken, rather than your screen unless you see physically damage on the Screen.

If the laptop outputs to another display successfully, we use the computer for a while to ensure the keyboard and other laptop components appear to be functioning normally. These guidelines don't work on ultra books, two-in-ones, tablets, Macbooks, or other more specialized notebooks, however, it's more for average, regular use laptops. Some will require a different process and/or more work to replace the screen, such as accessing the motherboard by opening the bottom case of the laptop.

Getting Repaired/Replaced LCD/LED Screen by us

At WiFi Computers Brampton We do laptop/Notebook screen Repair/Replace on a daily basis on ALL brands of laptops for Home users, Businesses, and other computer stores (Wholesale Prices For other Stores) all over the GTA. WiFi Computers carry all common sizes of screens for all Brands HP, Toshiba, Lenovo, Acer, Gateway, Samsung, MSI, Fujitsu etc in stock 8.9", 10.1", 11.6",12.1", 13.3", 14",15.6",16", 17" .For most of laptops, it will just take 30 minutes to get the screens replaced. Screen Replacement starts as Low as $60, Very Common Screen for Laptop 15.6" LED We Install it for $99 and we offer 2 Years Warranty on our screens.

Laptop/Notebook Manufacturers use different brands of screens, so we will ensure that you get the proper replacement screen for your laptop with Brand New Original screen Only. For Screen Repair or Replacement You don't have to leave your Laptop, we can do it on Spot Service and we gave 2 Years Warranty on our Screens, Nobody offers you this in GTA.

Reasons to Choose US

  1. All of Our Laptop Screens we offered are Brand New
  2. We Gave 2 Years Warranty on Our Brand New Screens
  3. We Repair/Repalce Laptop Screens within 30 Minutes( Mostly Models)
  4. Fastest Turnaround Time
  5. Lowest Price Guaranteed
  6. 6 Years of Experience
  7. Free diagnosis of problem.
  8. Certified and skilled technicians to solve your problem
  9. Store Open 7 Days
  10. No Fix No Fee
  11. No Appointment Needed
  12. Price Match in GTA.


Q.What kind of Guarantee you gave on Laptop Screens ?
Ans: We offer 2 Years of warranty on our Brand New Screens.
Q.Would you able to Diagnose screen issues of Laptop?
Ans: Yes. We Diagnose on daily basis Screen issues like blank screen, Dim Screen, No Display at all, Lines on Screen and its Free Diagnose.
Q. How long does it take to Replace the Screen ?
Ans: We Replace Screen within 30Min for most of Laptops.
Q. The approximate cost for laptop screen repair?
Ans: The cost of Screen depends on many things, Laptop model, Screen Size, Screen Resolution, Glossy Matte but we ensure you get Lowest Price from us.
Q. My laptop turns to blue screen while watching video or playing game or sometimes shuts down. What is the problem?
Ans: Many times it occurs due to faulty memory module or video card. It may also occurs due to faulty fan or inside dust. We can diagnose it for you absolutely Free.
Q. Do you repair shattered screen issues? Is it worth to repair?
Ans: Yes, we repair shattered screen issues and we also offer used screen if laptop is old and we make it fit to your budget. But it can be diagnosed only after seeing the situation.
Q. Do you Need My Hard Drive to Keep?
Ans. No. We are able to repair and test your laptop without your hard drive, so feel free to keep it or leave it in the laptop, the choice is yours.
Q. Do you want my AC Adapter?
Ans. No we don't need the charger to keep.
Q. What if you can't replaced the screen ?
Ans. If the laptop Screen is the problem, we'll replace it. we Carry almost all kind of screens in Stock.