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In the fiercely competitive internet marketplace, appearance and aesthetics are crucial. Potential customers are favorably impressed with businesses that construct an aesthetically pleasing, engaging, and professional site. Additionally, you only have several seconds to favorably impress visitors to your site in order to prompt them to delve deeper into the offerings of your business. With a website that is unique, aesthetically pleasing, engaging, compelling and user-friendly, you will convey an image of professionalism and quality that is vital in obtaining a competitive advantage over your competition and gaining the trust of visitors to your site. It is in this arena that WDC can assist you.

Exceptional Websites That Drive Increased Conversions

Initial impressions are crucial on the internet and your visitor's impressions are tightly coupled to your website's design. At WDC we create robust, professional, and user-friendly websites with exceptional aesthetic appeal that will have a positive effect upon conversions. Our philosophy of design has the goal of achieving a user experience that is exceptional. Our sites engage customers, are visually appealing and have superior rates of conversions. We have assembled a team of experienced professional web designers who utilize leading edge technologies to design unique customized websites that showcase your corporate identity, products, and services in a compelling manner.

In an online marketplace with stiff competition, you need a site that is unique, compelling, engaging, and aesthetically pleasing that can captivate your potential customers. Site visitors are normally favorably disposed toward websites that are professionally designed, with exceptional graphics and that display relevant content concisely and clearly. Furthermore, well constructed sites with keyword optimized content are viewed favorably by search engines, which will result in more targeted visitors to your website.

Since a significant percentage of internet accesses are executed on mobile devices, it is crucial that your site renders clearly on these devices. Our website designers have great expertise in responsive website design. In a responsive design the resolution of the device accessing your site is determined and content that will render well at this resolution is then utilized. This is extremely important since it is estimated that the majority of internet accesses will be performed from mobile devices in the very near future.

We Offer The Following Web Design Services

  • Custom Website design
  • Website re-design
  • E-commerce web design
  • Corporate website design
  • Responsive website design
  • Graphics design
  • Content Management Systems
  • Mobile website design
  • Mobile device apps
  • At WDC, we design websites meticulously that are aesthetically appealing, engaging, compelling, and search engine-friendly and that result in excellent conversion rates. We take a comprehensive view of your business, examining numerous business aspects such as consumer demographics, market trends, competitive environment, and consumer behaviour to design a site that caters to the unique needs of your clients.

    Our speciality is designing websites that:

    Responsive Web Design

    The explosive growth in the use of mobile devices has resulted in a drastic change in the way websites are designed. People are increasingly using smart phones, iPhones, iPads, and tablets to access the internet, resulting in a reduced demand for traditional desktop computers. Consequently, in today's competitive marketplace it is essential that businesses target the rapidly growing segment of the market who are accessing the internet from mobile devices. Therefore, it is necessary for businesses to upgrade their traditional website with enhancements that will make it into a responsive design that is compatible with all types of internet accessing devices.

    How Can WDC Assist You?

    We are a progressive website design firm, that employs a team of experienced and talented designers who constantly upgrade their skills to stay abreast of the latest design trends and technological advances. We specialize in responsive website designs and we possess unmatched skills in the design and development of sites that can adjust automatically to the layout and resolution of the accessing device to facilitate effective and optimal content display across a range of differing access devices. We also have the capability of redesigning and existing site in order to integrate responsive design features into it so that it will be compatible with mobile devices.

    Mobile Web Design

    With the use of smart phones becoming very widespread, there has been an ever increasing trend of users accessing the internet from mobile devices. Experts have estimated that the number of people accessing the internet from mobile devices will surpass those from traditional laptop and desktop computers in 2014. Consequently, is important for businesses to have ready access to this rapidly expanding market, and to target these users with products and services that are unique, with a user-friendly and robust mobile site. If you already have a site, you may wonder why you need a mobile site. Can't your existing site be accessed via mobile devices? Surely it can be accessed from mobile devices, but, the usability is likely to be substandard and frustrating to your site visitors, causing them to quickly depart.

    Why Would You Need A Mobile Site?

    Traditional websites are designed to be accessed from high resolution, large display devices such as desktop computers. These sites are designed to provide users with exceptional aesthetics and usability on a large display device. However, when these sites are accessed on mobile devices, with varying resolution and display sizes, they generally have poor usability and are visually unappealing. Therefore, it is imperative that you design a mobile site that has compatibility with the display resolution and size of mobile devices.

    How Can WDC Assist You?

    At WDC we employ a group of mobile site designers with extensive experience creating mobile sites that have exceptional usability. We are constantly upgrading our expertise and knowledge to keep abreast of the latest technological advances that may be incorporated into your mobile site for better usability, visual appeal, and conversions. At WDC, we have the capability of providing a variety of solutions, from standard mobile site designs, to smart apps and e-commerce stores. We cater to a diverse set of users by creating mobile designs that are compatible across various browsers, and that provide the same degree of usability across a large range of mobile devices and operating systems.

    Our Mobile Website Design Services

    Our comprehensive mobile site design services include the following:

    Customer Satisfaction Is Our Highest Priority

    Superior customer satisfaction is our highest priority at WDC. Therefore, we meticulously design your mobile sites using leading edge technology to create sites that feature:

    With our custom designed sites you will get a unique design that will not be duplicated anywhere else on the web. You will be an SEO friendly site. The construction and coding of your business site will have a large impact on how search engines view it. The custom site we design for you will be very adaptable to your unique needs. When planning your new site, you will generate a feature list. Prioritization of this lest of features will give your designer an idea of future enhancements to your site it your current budget is not sufficient to implement all of the features initially.