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E-Commerce web design is a complex service and to be successful requires a high level of teamwork across a number of skillsets including designers, marketers, search engine optimisers, front-end developers, programmers and platform specialists. At Plug and Play we employ all of these people in house. Our team of specialists really bring their experience and expertise to the table to ensure that we guide you and give you the best advice to achieve real success with your online shop.


Plug and Play has a real pedigree in delivering mission critical online shops for established online retailers and new start-ups alike.

The primary consideration is your product and user data, what product attributes you want to use to filter, sort or configure a product, and any user data that needs to be migrated from a legacy system.

At the larger more established end we need to consider third party integration points, such as your accounts package, any stock control or CRM system that you may have or even EPOS or other multi-channel considerations.

For smaller online shops, we can deliver much more light-weight solutions that can be produced at a lower cost but still attract visitors and convert them into customers with a good digital marketing strategy.


Unlike other E-Commerce websites membership websites are particularly complex and require an in-depth understanding of the business to really deliver benefit.

We understand that you want to minimize your administration burden and keep your costs low. At the same time we know that you want to increase your membership base, and create more revenue out of the members you have.

Often membership website design involves understanding key functional requirements such as:

  • Taking membership subscriptions, either monthly, annually or any other frequency
  • Promoting member events that are either paid for, or free, depending on the event or membership level
  • Adding value to a membership base with online forums, offers or other logged in benefits
  • Seamless integration with a membership CRM to manage your members


Whether you're looking to sell music, software, eBooks or anything else as a download we can help identify the right platform for your requirements. There are a number of things to consider, mainly how many downloads you have, how big each file is and how you need to mange them.

Key to download sales success is making sure that not only the downloads work properly, but that they are secure on your server so they can't be downloaded without your permission! Our experienced E-Commerce web designers can really make sure that your website is secure.


Advertising and taking bookings on your website is a great way to increase your exposure and convert more of your contacts into attendees. However, events are actually trickier than you might think once you consider the capacity of the venue, pricing structure, date, time, description and venue information, let alone if you end up with more than one day, different speakers or alike.

Whatever your event booking needs, our expert web designers can deliver great websites where you can not only advertise your events and take payment, but also manage your delegates, billing and invoicing.


One of the major categories of E-Commerce we specialize in are custom development websites. These might include all sorts of billing models such as taking transaction margins, buy now buttons, advertising monitisation and much more. Check out our 'launch a platform' page for more details on our custom E-Commerce development offering.