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Imagery is one of the most powerful tools of engagement online, and is rising in importance as the digital realm takes hold and more people look to online channels for browsing, shopping and connectedness. Add to this the search engine advancements that factor in imagery when ranking websites. A report found that by 2015, 76 percent of internet users will view online videos "on a regular basis", giving weight to the debate that more people think visually. The strength of the visual medium is also evident in that found that a one-minute video equals 1.8 million words, and a single video frame can deliver the same amount of information as three pages of text.

Another Research Study found more retailers are pushing for quality imagery and art direction to gain a competitive advantage and bring the customer experience in line with international standards. Forty-two percent of the 500 online and multichannel retail businesses surveyed said they use photographs supplied by the manufacturer, while 38 percent have in-house photographers who shoot all product imagery, 17 percent outsource the work to photographers and three percent don't use images. Imagery is not limited to video though, incorporating photographs, illustrations and info graphics, as well as tables, charts and graphs. All of which are used to compliment the written word and stimulate action. Today, there are few (if any) websites that do not utilize design/photograph as a way to beautify and engage the online environment.

Many online retailers are using imagery and video to evoke a connection with site visitors. Some retailers have lead the way with their innovative use of video to help improve the online customer experience. Uploading video content to YouTube can also help to boost your online rankings as Google now owns YouTube.

Similarly, ASOS has been a pioneering example when it comes to art direction online, and is constantly used as a benchmark standard of e-commerce best practices. Clean, consistent imagery are a hallmark of ASOS. Features include quick-loading video content of models on the catwalk, lifestyle photography across the site and multiple angle product shots.

Instructional videos detail how a product works and show it in action. What's even better, it doesn't have cost a fortune. Product Imagery and video are arguably more important than the words, depending on the product. Certainly that would be the case for fashion, though the product description becomes an essential accoutrement to the imagery to help entice the customer to purchase.Lifestyle and product imagery across the site compliments the content and draws visitors in. Model shots used for product imagery help to present the products more clearly, as well as multiple views with zoom option to detail the products.

Design/Photography is not only limited to the e-commerce sector. Any online business can add website imagery and video content provided it's relevant. As the search engines become more advanced, imagery has become another way in which websites can be read for SEO benefits.

Enough has been said to prove the importance of Digital Media on websites. WDC is the answer to all digital media needs of clients that seek high quality, timely and meaningful digital media content.

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