Desktop Repair Price

2021-01-26 Desktop Repair Price WiFi Computers

We'll take care of your trusty desktop, inside and out. From cleaning to hardware and software installatin. We've got your needs covered. If you're looking for a major upgrade, we can even build you a whole new custom desktop from start to end.

On-site Services Labour
Basic Travel Charge For On-site Repair Service within 10KM Radius $39.99
Additional service fees may apply  
Diagnostic in Store Parts Labour
Hardware Installation and Upgrade    
CPU Installation: install one computer processor onto your motherboard Included $19.99
Motherboard Part Cost $29.99
Video Card Part Cost $19.99
Network Card Part Cost $9.99
Sound Card Part Cost $9.99
Optical drive: DVD or Blu-Ray Drive Part Cost free
Power Supply Part Cost $19.99
Complete System Build (based on your specifications) Part Cost $49.99
In-store Product Training (30 minutes , by appointment)    
Software Installation and Upgrade    
Operating System Installation: MS Windows , Linux , MAC OS   $40 - $60
Application Installation: MS Office , or other individual applications   $19.99
Application Installation: Anti Virus Software cost $9.99
Data Transfer and Backup upto 50GB    
Copy all of your personal data from your computer to an external storage device   $19.99
Virus and Spyware Removal    
Professional-grade virus scan of your system   $29.99
Removal of all detected viruses and malware , and installation of all security updates