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2019-06-24 Laptop Repair Price WiFi Computers

Slow performance ,NO Power ,Overheating , Keyboard not Working or a broken screen does not mean the end
for your laptop. From hardware upgrades to broken screen replacements , Our certified technician with over 12 years of experience offer a broad range of services to repair and improve your laptop to help you get the most out of it.

Laptop repair
Diagnostic Labour
Visual Inspection and Consultation Free
Diagnostic Free
Hardware Installation and Upgrade Parts Labour
Keyboard Replacement HP ,Sony ,Toshiba ,Acer ,Gateway ,Lenovo and more Included $49.99 - $59.99
Keyboard Replacement MacBook Pro Included $99.99
Fan Replacement HP ,Sony ,Toshiba ,Acer ,Gateway ,Lenovo and more Included $59.99
Memory Upgrade
Part Cost
Hard Drive Replacement
Part Cost
Optical Drive Replacement
For Apple
For Other
Screen Replacement    
HP ,Sony ,Toshiba ,Acer ,Gateway ,Lenovo and more part cost $19.99
Apple Macbook Pro part cost $49.99
DC Jack Replacement Included $59.99
USB Port Replacement Included $59.99
Audio Jack Replacement Included $59.99
Motherboard Repair HP ,Sony ,Toshiba ,Acer ,Gateway ,Lenovo and more Included $80 - $140*
LCD Inverter Replacement Included $49.99
LCD Cable Replacement Included $59.99
Software Installation and Upgrade    
Operating System Installation: MS Windows , Linux , MAC OS   $40 - $60
Application Installation: MS Office , or other individual applications   $19.99
Application Installation: Anti Virus Software cost $9.99
Data Transfer and Backup upto 50GB    
Copy all of your personal data from your computer to an external storage device   $19.99
Virus and Spyware Removal    
Professional-grade virus scan of your system   $29.99
Removal of all detected viruses and malware , and installation of all security updates