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2019-06-24 Desktop Repair Price WiFi Computers

We'll take care of your trusty desktop , inside and out. From cleaning to hardware installation to reinstalling your favourite operating system , we've got all your needs covered. And if you're looking for a major upgrade , we can even build you a whole new custom desktop from Start to End.

Desktop Repair
On-site Services Labour
Basic Travel Charge For On-site Repair Service within 10KM Radius $39.99
Additional service fees may apply  
Diagnostic in Store Parts Labour
Hardware Installation and Upgrade    
CPU Installation: install one computer processor onto your motherboard Included $19.99
Motherboard Part Cost $29.99
Video Card Part Cost $19.99
Network Card Part Cost $9.99
Sound Card Part Cost $9.99
Optical drive: DVD or Blu-Ray Drive Part Cost free
Power Supply Part Cost $19.99
Complete System Build (based on your specifications) Part Cost $49.99
In-store Product Training (30 minutes , by appointment)    
Software Installation and Upgrade    
Operating System Installation: MS Windows , Linux , MAC OS   $40 - $60
Application Installation: MS Office , or other individual applications   $19.99
Application Installation: Anti Virus Software cost $9.99
Data Transfer and Backup upto 50GB    
Copy all of your personal data from your computer to an external storage device   $19.99
Virus and Spyware Removal    
Professional-grade virus scan of your system   $29.99
Removal of all detected viruses and malware , and installation of all security updates